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Lion Video Productions : We Bring the Brand to Life!

In today's digital era, corporate video is one of the hottest marketing trends that you cannot afford to ignore. Corporate videos are essential when showcasing/promoting your brand and engaging with your target audience. Generating the best possible public-facing video is the key when it comes to forming a bond with audience.

Text-based content tells but audio-visual sells, so let Lion Video Productions sell your product digitally with our corporate video production services and take your audience on the best voyage with our fantastic video explainer. Lion is a Denmark based video production company creating inspiring corporate event videos, employee videos, product videos etc. for a range of clients throughout the world. We pride ourselves on offering such corporate videos that will tell your story, your way! Our approach begins with an in-depth understanding of your company, brand, product or service and your target audience as well, so we can help you share your story with the world in the most effective and engaging way possible. An experienced and efficient team at Lion produces corporate video that will certainly inspire your target audience and will help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Trusted by world-renowned brands, Lion Video Productions assures its clients that their message and brand story will be communicated to their target audience as per their objective. The agency doesn’t fear taking up other businesses' challenges, and has a deep understanding of how corporate videos can respond and deliver to those challenges. A well thought out content strategy and distribution plan is the key to the most effective corporate videos. This is exactly what the agency does. With Lion's help, you can reach your audience and maintain and expand your customer base easily and quickly. Explore below to see how our in-house team of experts works to help our clients achieve their goals with a range of corporate videos.

Our Intensive Process for Effective Corporate Video

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lion Video Productions has nearly 25 years of experience in producing professional video content for corporates and brands throughout the country and around the world. Our corporate video production process basically includes five stages - consultation, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery.

Consultation : In this stage, we have a deep conversation with our client to know what kind of video they would like us to create. If any client doesn’t have any idea at all where to start, our experts help them clarify their needs in order to achieve their video objectives. To give the process of producing video content clear direction, we’ll talk about your goals or initiatives, your current marketing strategy and how corporate video may enhance it, what type of audio-visual content you would like to generate, as well as take other details like scripting, casting, filming, editing, graphics, timeline, budget, etc.

Pre-production: This phase may be the most beneficial stage for all kinds of projects. It involves all of the planning aspects of the video production process before following phases of production and post-production. This stage includes scriptwriting, constructing company’s core message, schedule for filming, shots to be captured, logistics, and other administrative tasks. In brief, we prepare for everything that will occur in production and post-production schedule.

Production: Production is the phase of video production which incorporates your message and brand story into the video script. It involves developing a creative concept that’s in line with your brand or product, capturing the moving images or content and filming the subjects of your video.

Post-production: After the production team hands over all filmed footage, visual elements, audio tracks, and other important components of the video to our post-production department, our producers and designers at the in house studio start editing process and animation work to bring your brand story and creative idea to life. After an edit, your Account Executive will present the video to you for review. You can take your time to review and compile any notes you may want to add to the video. You can discuss on a call or in person any updates you may have for your edited video.

Delivery: Once the client is completely happy with the finally edited video, we start distributing process of the video content. But before that, we perform final quality check, ensuring there are no audio or visual or graphic glitches or faults in the video file. Our amazingly efficient crew send final video files via digital transfer, making it convenient for our clients to download them with the click of a mouse.

Why Choose Lion for Your Corporate Video Production

As Denmark’s leading video production studio, we help a vast number of global clients, ranging from individuals, businesses and brands of all sizes, enhance their company’s image, boost SEO, reach and inspire their target viewers, convert sales with our digital video content. We consider so many styles while creating a corporate video, and our extremely talented in house creative and production teams, with a passion for helping our clients win their target markets, understand them inside out. Whether you need to promote your service, sell products, inform people about the company, or attract customers, a well-done video highlighting your company’s thoughts and values guarantees to successfully share your message with the audience. To make a corporate video that doesn’t suck, we avoid a few things mentioned below during the entire process of producing video content:

The digital marketing world is currently expanding at the speed of light, and to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, you need to make your presence feel at visual content-driven platforms. For which, you need a well executed corporate video that credibly elaborates the company culture, your employees, as well as points out your brand features and benefits in an impressive way. Having a video telling viewers how the company is different from the competition on your landing page can guarantee your viewers are engaged, inspired and compelled to give their attention to it. With Lion Video Productions, rest assured whatever story you want to tell, our team has the expertise to bring it to life!